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Four Avenues of Service - Club Service

Warrington Rotary Club: Club Service

This is the foundation of our club and includes many activities and functions.  In essence, this is the fellowship we enjoy
together as a club and the responsibilities many of us have to effectively manage the club.

In addition to the friendship we enjoy each Wednesday morning during breakfast, we have social gatherings during the year
to enhance these friendships.  In February, we gather for our annual Charter Night to celebrate the day we founded our club,
over 40 years ago.  During the summer, we have a picnic to welcome the warmer weather and visit with our extended Rotarian
family.  In December, we celebrate the holidays with a traditional holiday gathering and meal ... with a fun twist added!

To help manage the club, we have a Board of Directors to determine club policy for the President to execute.  We have a
variety of club committees to insure we support the community and carry out the desires of the Board of Directors.

To assist with our community service, our club established the Warrington Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
With assets separate from the club, the Foundation supports scholarships under the strict guidance of it's by-laws. 
Rusty Bullock serves as President, with Ernie Knight as Secretary, Peter Clayton as Treasurer, and Directors Joe Bonargo &
Vishnu Patel.

It is a careful balance of club projects and fundraising that makes for a successful club.  Too many projects may lead to an
undesirable workload for particular members.  Too few projects may cause us to lose focus and attention to our goals and
objectives.  It seems we are always trying to find that right balance!