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Four Avenues of Service - Community Service

Warrington Rotary is especially active in our community.  Some of our many projects include:

Under the leadership of Rotarians Ruth Phillips and John Paul, we assisted the township in the construction of a Veteran's
Memorial in IPW park.  At a cost of over $30,000, this memorial is a fitting tribute to the many men and women from Warrington
that gave their lives in defense of our freedom.  We are assisting the township in selling memorial brick pavers, for $50 each,
to help pay the cost of this project.  To purchase your brick, contact Rotarian Ruth Phillips via the "Contact Us" link at the
top right-hand corner of this page.

Our club's non-profit Foundation funds several scholarships for area high school students.  Students are selected based on a
variety of criteria, especially their history of service to the community.

Rotarian Tom Hallam leads a team of Rotarians to read books purchase through the "I Like Me" organization to kindergarten
children within the township.

For years Rotarian Cheryl Allen has organized our monthly "Happy Birthday" tribute to residents of Neshaminy Manor non-profit
nursing home.  This is a 35 year tradition for our club, as we personally visit each resident to sing Happy Birthday and give
them a special treat during their birth month.

Talk to a Warrington Rotarian to learn more about our involvement with other community service projects.  Do you have one in
mind that you care to share with us?