Here is the thank you letter from Healthlink for our recent donation of $ 1,000. The Board Chair of Healthlink, Rick James who is also a rotarian from Doylestown will be our guest speaker on July 28th. We will be giving them another check of $ 1,000 to help them continue their mission.
The key to making sure you club continues to grow is to grow it with new members. We all know
of people that would make great Rotarians. The problem is we don’t talk about how great Rotary
is. Let’s tell everyone we come in contact with to come to meeting, you never know they might
have been just waiting for us to ask!
Below is recorded webinar about being a vibrant Rotary Club
In October 2020, through his friendship with Lou Altomari, Rev. John Large gave a generous gift of $5,000.00 to our Warrington Rotary Club. Father’s generosity allowed Warrington Rotary the opportunity to increase its Outreach within the community to those groups that suffer from food insecurity. Our Warrington Rotary Club chose two groups to support; Rolling Harvest Food Rescue and The John Barclay Elementary School Food Initiative.
Rotary as an organization is all about giving back to those in need and Father Large’s gift certainly personifies that goal.
One of our members, Frank McPoyle, just turned 85, his kids wanted to donate a $ 500 check to the Warrington Rotary Club in regonigation of his long time service to our club. He serves as the Program Chair in this role he makes sure we have entertaining speakers and that desk is covered each week. He is heavily involved in Feed My Starving Children, which is a program that provides meals to children across the world. His son Kevin is the local chair for that organization. I think we can all agree that Frank has one of the best laughs ever
Our President Chuck Chiochetto thanks Frank for his continued service and the McPoyle family for the donation for Frank's Birthday.
To find out how you or your business or organization can adopt a Beautification Site check out the plan on the city’s website, or call Eren Jeager (at the Public Works Department)or Mika S. Levi (at the Garden Harvest).