On Saturday November 13th, Glenn Natter had the pleasure donating 21 Thanksgiving meals to the residents of Willow Knoll. Our club donated 10 Thanksgiving dinners as part of Shragher Chiropractic's Thanksgiving meal drive. We were lucky to have some volunteers from Tamanend Middle School to help Glenn with the Thanksgiving meal delivery. 
For more information about Shragher's Chiropractic's Thanksgiving Food Drive click on the link below:
During this challenging time that our country has been through with COVID-19, the Warrington Rotary club wanted to help out our front line workers. We wanted to focus on the 3rd shift workers at Doylestown Hospital and Neshaminy Manor. Those workers work the shift that is the least popular and takes them away from their families. We wanted to bring some cheer to those workers by treating them to meals and some great snacks from Giuseppe's of Warminster and Altomonte's of Doylestown. 
Thank you to all of the front line workers who have given their all to help those who need it the most. 
In August of 2019, we partnered with the Pennsylvania Center for Adaptive Sport to help them with rebuilding their boat house 

There are few vistas of Center City Philadelphia more beautiful than the one seen from a scull gliding gracefully along the banks of the river in Fairmount Park. PAR offers the chance to see the city from a different vantage point.

Operating from a humble re-purposed boathouse on West River Drive, PAR stands alone as the only place in Philadelphia where you can free yourself from your crutches, cane or wheelchair, leave your cares on the dock, and set out on an adventure, sculling the river.



Rotaplast International, Inc. is committed to helping children and families worldwide by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate, burn scarring, and other deformities. Working with local professionals, Rotarians, and other organizations, Rotaplast sends multidisciplinary medical teams to provide free reconstructive surgery, ancillary treatment, and training for the comprehensive care of these children. Rotaplast supports education and research towards prevention of cleft lip and/or palate. Our aim is to help local professionals build sustainable models for the care of these children, improving their lives and those of their families.
On Tuesday, October 20, and continuing for the next four Tuesdays, the Warrington Rotary club in cooperation with the St. Vincent DePaul Society and the John Barclay elementary school distributed 50 meals (feeding a family of four) to 50 families experiencing some level of food insecurity. A special thank you to Maryanne Bush from the St. Vincent DePaul Society, Dr. Joe Brereton, Principle of John Barclay Elementary school and Giuseppe’s Warminster for their collaboration with this initiative.
Administered from its office on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia, PCAS currently operates 13 sport-and-wellness programs year-round, with a focus on building inclusive communities with barrier-free and supportive settings.

The first two adaptive sports venues of today's PCAS were Philadelphia Adapted Rowing, founded in 1981, and the PA Adapted Ski program founded in 1982.

The Warrington Rotary has been a participant in the Central Bucks MobilePack since the initial event in 2012. To date, the MobilePack has produced 4,746,460 meals, which translated into feeding enables the missions on the ground around the world to feed 13,004 kids a meal/day for a year. Rotary has made a positive difference in the event's success with their physical support, the commitment of resources, and the financial support needed to have an event.

The test, which has been translated into more than 100 languages, asks the following questions: Of the things we think, say or do

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

During the spring semester many Rotary Clubs hold a Four-Way Test Speech Competition. It is a competition offered to high school students where the student must prepare a five to seven minute speech to illustrate the Rotary Four-Way Test.


Since 1994, Mission of Mercy has been providing free healthcare, free dental care and free prescription medications to the uninsured, underinsured and those who “fall through the cracks” of our healthcare system.

An independent nonprofit 501 (c)(3), faith-based community organization, Mission of Mercy receives no government funding. Because of this, we can provide healthcare without any pre-qualifications. None of our patients must prove their poverty or residency.

Founded in 1991 and launched in 1994 by clinical pharmacist, Gianna Talone Sullivan, Pharm D., headquartered in Pennsylvania and serving clinics in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas, Mission of Mercy now has 14 clinics providing more than 27,000 free patient visits each year.

For more information about Mom-N-Pa, please visit their website:


The Road Angels of Doylestown is a not for profit organization made up of enthusiasts whose goal is to raise funds for charitable purposes while promoting the sport of street rodding. The organization promotes family unity, good fellowship, sportsmanship, unity of purpose, good governance and safety in the sport.

The club was founded in 1954 and currently has over fifty members from mostly the Central and Upper Bucks and Eastern Montgomery county areas. The club has had a history of supporting a number of local charities and educational programs. These have included the Intelligencer Christmas Fund, A Woman’s Place, the K9 Search and Rescue, NOVA, and the Upper Bucks Vocational Schools plus many others over the years. The club also participates in a number of local shows and charitable events.

Our annual Car Show was previously held at the Tile Works in Doylestown with over 600 street rods, rat rods, classic, custom and antique cars and trucks on display.

For more information, please visit their website:




Abby's light is a foundation that was started in memory of Abby Schumer

Abby is a wonderful girl who lost her life to a brain tumor in 2012 at the age of 10.

Abby’s entire life was full of happiness and smiles. If your mood was less than happy, Abby had the ability to change that. She was a selfless girl. Her friends were more important than her possessions as she would gladly give her friends a toy that she liked just to see them smile. She saw her teachers not as taskmasters but as human beings. When the flowers of spring burst to life, Abby would make it a priority to pick them for her teachers, just to see them smile. Kindness is what Abby produced.

It is a terrible loss but her mission continues!

Provide gifts to hospitalized kids. Provide assistance to families in need. Focusing on making a child’s life better.
Providing gifts to underprivileged children during the holiday season as well as other times of the year as needs are identified. Providing assistance to school teachers in underprivileged school districts to enhance their ability to inspire children. Performing random acts of kindness. Bucks County has proclaimed November 19th, Abby’s birthday, as Random Acts of Kindness Day throughout the area. We perform acts of kindness throughout the year by giving out gift cards valued at $20.00 to Justice Clothes stores (where Abby liked to shop) . These simple acts affect lives positively in many people as identified through feedback of recipients. We call them AOKs. The foundation believes a small act of kindness can grow into a movement and it has. Through this effort, thousands of dollars have been donated to help children around the world in Abby’s honor.
Fore more information about Abby's Light, please visit their website:
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society was founded in 2010 by a group of motivated women dedicated to preserving the contributions that current/former residents of southeastern Pennsylvania (and nearby regions) made toward protecting the United States during the Cold War. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society`s primary mission is to engage in collecting and preserving oral histories from current and former residents of southeastern Pennsylvania who contributed to activities aimed at protecting the United States during the Cold War.
For more information visit their website:  https://coldwarhistory.org/
Warrington Rotarians helping train future leaders 
Camp Neidig is a program sponsored by the Rotary Clubs in the Rotary District 7430 (Southeastern Pennsylvania). Its purpose is to provide exceptional young men and women with the opportunity to live, work, and socialize together in a dynamic leadership environment. The activities in which you will become involved will be focused upon contemporary problems, ethical situations, and decision making that will contribute to your development as a leader.​
As a Camp Neidig participant, you will find that your days and nights will be filled with a variety of activities oriented towards leadership. Most of your time will be structured in such programs as group discussions, problem solving, team building, guest presentations, and outdoor activities. Perhaps the greatest benefit will come from the opportunity of sharing this experience with nearly 150 outstanding young men and women from 60 high schools within this Rotary District. The friendships that you make will last a lifetime.
Warrington Rotary members help with teddy bears 
We have partnered with Warrington Police Department, Warrington Fire Department, and the Warrington EMS to develop a program called our care bear program. In this program where we provide teddy bears to their first responders. Kids have a tough time dealing with stressful situations, teddy bears that have a Warrington Rotary t-shirt can help bring a smile to a kid who is going through a hard time. We have also given our care bears in Neshaminy Manor residents who are having a hard month or are new to Neshaminy Manor. 
Founding Warrington Rotary member Norm Leventhal helps the blind in Israel 
The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind (IGDCB) began as a dream of a young paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). A lifelong animal lover, Noach Braun trained dogs in the IDF for military purposes.
When Noach left the military, he dreamed of continuing to work with animals—but only for man’s greater good. To his surprise, Noach discovered that there was no guide dog school in Israel. There had been a woman who trained guide dogs in the 1960’s named Dr. Rudolphina Menzl however, when she passed away, the program was abandoned. Noach decided to make it his life’s mission to reestablish a guide dog school in Israel—so all blind or visually impaired Israelis could obtain the mobility, independence and companionship that only a guide dog can provide.Prior to opening our center in 1991, a visually impaired Israeli had to go to Jerusalem to pass an English test. If they understood English well enough, they were then sent to the USA or UK for a month of instruction with a guide dog. Not only was this hard on their families, but the dogs were not trained to handle obstacles and challenges found only in Israel—traffic circles, cars parked on sidewalks, security barriers, aggressive drivers, warning sirens and other issues that simply do not exist in other countries. Plus, the dogs were trained in English, not Hebrew.
When we match a guide dog with a visually impaired person, we call it a “Partnership.” But Noach would never have realized his dream without creating other partnerships as well. “I was lucky to meet Norman Leventhal, and many other people who have joined together to make this center a reality.


Our club helps local kids cool off in the summer.
For the past few summers our Rotary Club has partnered with Warrington's Mary Barness Pool and Warrington Police Department to give kids free pool passes to local kids, so they can cool off on those steaming summer days. In this program, we give the local Warrington Police Officers free pool passes, so when they are out and about in the community they can give kids a chance to cool down.
Here is press release form the Warrington Police Department about this program. 
For more information about the Mary Barness Swim Club, visit their website:
Warrington Day 
Since, it's inception the Warrington Rotary Club has been a proud supporter of this great community event. We have had the pleasure of being the sole provider of hot dogs and hamburgers for the event. This event is always one of our favorite events, because it allows us to meet the community and tell them about all of the great program we help out with in Warrington. 
Bringing smiles to the residents of Neshaminy Manor 
Since 1965, our club has been able to celebrate the birthdays of the residents of Neshaminy Manor. This is the longest continuous rotary service project in the area. Every Wednesday, the members of our club go to Neshaminy Manor to sing the residents that have a birthday that month. We give a present to every resident who is celebrating at birthday. We also give a teddy bear to a resident that is new to Neshaminy Manor or are having a hard week and could use a pick me up.